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Our Story

Threads & Stitches is a Hermanus based up-cycled clothing brand that strives to design its garments from thrifted clothing and fabrics, to refashion the way we think about our clothing as always needing to be on-trend, which changes with every season and passing fad.

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one of our core beliefs

T&S was born from the desire to live in a more balanced world, without creating excess waste. Since 2020 we have followed this belief, with each product designed to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone. Browse our products and sign up to join our community of sustainable shoppers.

Our goal is to bring sustainable clothing to our customers and to share the wonderful world of up-cycled fashion. Bringing our customers something unique and kinder to the planet, through this we hope to continue to educate and bring awareness of our own consumerism and how that affects this beautiful planet, we call home.

Our Process

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Our clothes are pre-loved items, ready for a new life with you! As inspiration strikes, these pre-loved items are changed into a beautiful one-of-a-kind garment hand-made especially for you. 


Please contact us should you want a behind-the-scenes peek at how we do what we do.

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Our Fabrics

Crafted from upcycled and thrifted fabrics

All our pre-loved clothing and fabrics are sourced (thrifted) from local charity shops and fabric stores, where we carefully handpick each item, which is then cleaned and made ready for production. Each item is considered carefully with reference to design aesthetic, fabric pattern and size inclusivity, in order to create small batches and unique clothing items or accessories, for our customers. 

The face behind T&S

Hi, I am Shelby, the founder and creator of Threads & Stitches up-cycled clothing.

What started out as a result of covid, something that many of us can relate to, then moved into an official pre-loved and up-cycled clothing business. I had just arrived home for a well-deserved break from my latest contract as a Stewardess on sailing yachts until the next yachting season started.  My time on boats and sailing across seas really highlighted the pollution plight of planet earth on a daily basis. As you know Covid arrived on our shores and travel to anywhere, which became a thing of the past, so another season on the yachts seemed obsolete. Having an extended “roof over my head” at the bottom of my parent’s house, for which I was most grateful and secure in the knowledge that my family were all safe, like for many people, it became a time of reflection and growth, which is where Threads & Stitches was born. 


With the knowledge from my Fashion Degree and the extensive exposure to thrifting in many different countries while travelling, and has been seen along the way in South Africa. Threads & Stitches was cultivated from the beauty of what we already have and how we can use them to make something new


T&S has been through many challenges during this period, but despite the hurdles, our growth has helped us to reach this exciting goal of having an online platform of up-cycled and sustainable fashion to allow all our customers new and old, access to fabulous, planet-friendly, unique and stylish fashion at the click of a button.

Happy shopping Lovelies

- Shelby

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