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So Why Upcycle?

what is upcycling

Up-cycling is the process of fixing, reworking and refashioning, what we already have into something new, functional and beautiful.


Why is up-cycling important?


By upcycling our goods we can help in the fight to REDUCE and REUSE . 

This is why it is important for both businesses and consumers to be aware of where our products are coming from, how they are manufactured and what impact these goods have on our natural world.

We are all unintentionally guilty in some way or another, to the contribution of the mindless buying of goods day in and day out. Thanks to social media and the boom in online shopping over the last few years, our waste is increasing and it basically has nowhere to go, our planet can only contain so much, without it affecting all the creatures, human’s included, who live on it.  We need to become aware of the possibly dire consequences of consumerism and adapt our buying and spending habits accordingly.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of the global wastewater and water pollution, it uses more energy, than the shipping and aviation industries combined. The impact from the production of clothing is not the only concern for the planet and for the human labour, exploited in this industry. 


Due to our quick, click and convenient shopping, our consumption has lead to 85% of our unwanted and waste textiles ending up in landfills, all over the world. The sad thing is, that it’s not only the old, unwanted and forgotten clothes, but all the things that never sold in mass retailers aka the “Fast Fashion Dilemma”. We as consumers and diehard fans of the planet and clothes,  need to look inward and outward, to see how we can make a difference, while still enjoying a stylish look. Just play the game differently by choosing to adopt sustainable ways of continuing your love for fashion. (Link here to some articles on sustainable fashion etc.).

So how is T&S contributing to a sustainable fashion brand? 


We carefully hand select all our pre-loved garments and thrifted fabrics to ensure that they are in excellent condition and of great quality. Some pre-loved items are reworked and refashioned into something unique and new, by adding or removing trims, panels and different fabrics. 


We are always on the hunt for funky fabrics, that have been pre-owned fabrics, table clothes, bed linen, end of rolls of fabric and anything else, that deserves a second chance to be something fabulous, we look for the unusual and inspiring. These thrifted fabrics are carefully considered and then repurposed into a one of a kind T&S originals for our customers. 


These items are often "one of a kind" or it could be part of collection that may vary in fabrics, colours, patterns and sizing. This is all because we try to create the basis of our garments, from what we have thrifted and found. 

Click below and see what we have in store for you today!

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